Schoolgirls Wet Flats HD

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I'd always just thought you were a hard ass, always foiling my plans to misbehave, always giving me the hardest punishment possible for the smallest of things. Well now I know different. Don't think I didn't notice you in a daze, staring at my feet under my desk, it was then I came to realise, you don't have a problem with me or my bad girl attitude... You long for my feet. Adore it when you catch me playing with my little ballet flat pump shoes, don't you. Dangling them from my toes, teasing you while I wear my short little tartan skirt. Lets see how you hold up when I trickle water down my legs, over my pumps and feet, soaking my shoes through until water puddles inside. Can you keep your cool while I show you how they squelch, leak water when I dangle them? I think there may be another A* student in town...