Showering and Shaving Daddys POV

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American / Wisconsin
399 4.0
5:25 min - Jul 27 - .MP4 - 475.61 MB
coley3334 deleted Sep 18 2016
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sexy girl

jarya5 - Top reviewer Aug 7 2016
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Mallory is amazing in this video as she showers and shaves her pussy. She showcases just how flexible she is as well.

ertai1970 Jul 29 2016
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I love to either shave a woman or watch a woman shaver her pussy but the focus went in and out the shower was small and in need of repair and the girl didn't talk or chat with the camera to Akers it feel like I was in a true poverty and was overall displeased with the results

Silly little girl showering, shavings all the good parts, and washing my hair/body as Daddy watches