Up Close Fingers Only Cum

3,926 5.0

Leda x

3,926 5.0
16:49 min - Jul 27 - .MP4 - 611.96 MB - 854x480


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Willzforcebaby - Top reviewer Aug 26
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Best video i enjoyed so far! Close up and pov angles are on point . Loved it from beginning to end

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Torture I say!!!! Nice closeup of her sweet Sugar Walls. Too close for my comfort.... because all I could think of is how fine it would taste. The kind you just dive into with checking before you eat. It those closeup don't get you hard... something is wrong.. Nice view of those sexy long legs. I want to know how tall this elf is. Thanks Elf

peecee2 - Top reviewer Oct 9 2016
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Love that below angle especially!

An up-close view of me fingering myself until I cum. Shot from several different angles including below and very up-close