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Cheating Wife Confessions Part 1 by KK


Kerri King

American / US
7:30 min - Aug 11 - .MP4 - 226.01 MB


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I'm not an idiot, but it sure seems you are..the thing is, well, I have some confessions. This will be the first in a stream of many confessionals to prep you for the reality which is your life..instead of the very chaotic existence you've been oblivious to for oh so long. I have yet to be monogamous while we've been married..and why? Because you are a boring husband! I'm horny and at home all the time, what else would I be doing? Here's to the first tale of an extra-marital affair, i'm sure your shock will outweigh your anger as usual, being the beta male you always are...it's unfortunate that anger doesn't control you or you might actually fuck me the right way for a change, instead of me having to find strangers to do the job. Let's begin with Mike...