FF7 Aerith Gets Covered in Cum Lube



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Final Fantasy 7 Aerith is tired of being a good summoner, she wants to get filthy and dirty. She takes off her bracelets and unbuttons her dress. She squirts cum lube all over her perky breasts before rubbing it into her skin making them very slippery. Then she uses clear lube over her torso and a bit on chest to get really messy. Eventually she spreads her legs and drips fake cum down her clit and pussy lips. She slides a cold glass dildo inside. You get some hot up close action as she drips more fake cum onto herself. She gets on her hands and knees to put some fake cum lube down the crack of her ass and butt cheeks. She slides a vibrator into her ass before sliding one into her pussy for some hot double penetration action. She holds both toys in her holes as she gets even messier with cum lube. Aerith gets so worked up, she needs to ride dildo while squirting cum lube on her inner thighs as well as other parts of her body. Thie big moment is a lovely squirt from her pussy. Of course she tells you how to stroke your cock throughout the video and hopefully we cum together.