Freebie Tuesday

Pathetic for my DDs

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They really make you feel pathetic, useless and completely dumb. Thinking straight is a thing of the past when your eyes are set firmly on my cleavage. They take you to places you have never been before. Go on, stare at them, lose yourself and stroke yourself stupid. There's something about my big, natural cleavage that shrinks any kind of masculinity. You turn into a slobbery little mess and forget your once 'vanilla' life. I toy with your dick and I play with your emotions. The power is always in my hands and when your weak and horny you are at my disposal. I can do whatever I want with you, you will do anything to be able to worship and stroke to my juicy tits. Go on, slobber for me as you pant with excitement. There is nothing I cannot make you do when I have my perfect tits barely contained in my bra. Your dick throbs and you are weak at the knees begging to serve me in any way possible. My tits rule you and you truly are pathetic for my DD's.