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You don't shrink yourself just to see Giantess Sydney naked. All you have to do is beg, spoil her, then ask! Giantess Sydney Max enters the room all casual, turns on the TV and starts combing her hair. It looks like she's having an easy day. She goes on and checks her computer and reads a magazine. All the while, her tiny stubborn neighbor was sneaking around, waiting for her to change! He shrunk himself in the hopes of seeing Sydney Max naked! But she spots him on the floor and recognizes him and she was not happy about it. Sydney picks up her tiny ambitious neighbor and threatens him for being a fool and shrinking himself just to score. But she's not going to let him go away. She won't let him go back to his normal size. Since he is so desperate to see her breasts, she is going to keep his tiny neighbor in between her tits and make him her boob slave, forever!