Neighborhood Wives Watch

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As a member of the Neighborhood Wives Watch, it’s my duty to report any suspicious activity…and I’m pretty sure that hot little blonde who just left your place qualifies..Where is your wife tonight, sir? Can you explain why that young woman just left your home looking disheveled in the middle of the night? I’m afraid I’m going to have to call this in..Threats and intimidation are the only effective tools when dealing with lying, cheating, dirty-dick husbands - and I am authorized to use all the tools at my disposal to get to the truth. Don’t make me taze your balls, sir.I’m going to need you to strip - right here and now - and allow me to conduct a visual inspection of your person. This can only go one of two ways, sir; either you do it voluntarily or I zap your cock with this taser…what’s it going to be? That’s what I thought…now strip.Wait…whoa! Hahaha!!! That’s the smallest dick I’ve ever seen…EVER. What the hell was your wife thinking, marrying you? Oh, the girls at the Watch meeting are going to love these pics!! Now spread your legs….stand still…while I inspect your teeny little peter for signs of adultery.I’m going to get to the truth - you ARE going to confess - and then….well mister cheater…I’m going to ruin your sad, sorry little life. That’s right, I don’t want your money - this isn’t blackmail - this is Life Ruination - and it’s exactly what the fuck you deserve.You know what? I’m just going to taze your balls, anyway..