ASHLEY COBAIN Sucks Fucks and Swallows


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
9:36 min - Jul 28 - .MP4 - 107.00 MB - 640x480


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Casting video of ASHLEY COBAIN: 19 years old. 5'1" 90lbs. FIRST SCENE IN PORN. Florida girl. Likes rock and techno music. Lost virginity at age 14 to a 20 year old man, a friend of her friends. First swallow at 14, too. Models a boob-revealing mesh shirt she wears without a bra, jean skirt, and thong. She says she swallows because it "tastes good." Has been with 15 guys at once. An ex-boyfriend set it up. Was supposed to be 4 but word got out. She has tried anal. She's naked on my bed and I have her lay on her stomach and spread her ass. POV cock sucking. Foot play. Doggystyle. Thumb in ass. "I want your cum in my mouth." A thick, white load coats her tongue. She swallows and smiles. * Apologies for my irritating interviews.