The Devil Wears Snakeskin Nicki & Rococo


The Lust Garden

American / USA
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Nicki is Rococo’s intern at the fashion magazine. Rococo has been away for business meetings and comes back to her desk to find Nicki sitting at it, on her phone, with it covered in food and trash. Rococo is furious. She scolds the bratty intern and threatens to fire her from her free internship, saying she regrets even hiring her. She yells at Nicki to clean the desk and watches her while she does it. Still dissatisfied with Nicki’s lazy millennial indifference, she disciplines her by spanking her ass while bending her over the desk. She berates Nicki’s lackluster performance at work, flogging and whipping her until she promises to write the already late editorial with extra words. Finally convinced that Nicki will work harder to impress her, Rococo rewards Nicki for her submission by giving her a shaking orgasm on her hitachi. Rococo holds Nicki, reassuring her that if she does her work with flying colors and on time, that she’ll treat her like a princess. Nicki finally understands how things work at the office and quickly returns to work. 17:33 HD. $15