Cei cum in your own mouth

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British / london
715 5.0
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HJNHJN - Top reviewer Sep 9 2016
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Not a genre that I seek out but I can watch anything that has this goddess in and still get turned on. Michelle is a linguistic expert in all things sexual, she can say the filthiest things so elequently with her semi posh voice.Sge ever pauses, the dialog is seemless.
It's not only her voice, its the movements she makes- like throwing her head behind her head and pretending to beat her dick or the just the expressive way she says stuff. It's also the fact that she's so fucking beautiful, and out of that pretty mouth comes the filthiest words.

For this cei clip you just need yourselfs no extra tools, i do lots of these clips so if you like them keep your eye out or do request a senareo for a clip i take suggestions x