Big Blue Eyes Facial with Cum Play

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American / Las Vegas
802 5.0
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Arrakis84 Apr 29 2017

One of your best video ever.. love your face ass and feet in the same frame. Finale with JOE, Cum craving with tongue sticking out.. and that ass and feet still in frame.. then an amazing facial with eye cum too (which is an enormous tease cause so kinky are quite rare to admire)...please tell us you will shoot more videos like that are amazing..

daytonater Jul 31 2017
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Bobbi Dylan is more than perfect. She has that magic. Not only her looks, but her appeal. She is so naturally sexy and her movements are so powerful that I would be excited to just go shopping with her and watch her try on different outfits. (And gladly pay for the shopping) This woman is striking to a degree that mesmerizes. But now for the Bonus! Her voice alone can make me quiver. I could listen to Bobbi speak for hours. This woman makes me feel like an excitable American. I am going to buy more of her delightful work before it all sells out.

Watch as a dance and shake it to earn a HUGE facial! I talk dirty as you look into my mesmerizing blue eyes and demand you cum a big load to cover my whole face. Then I let it soak in, rub it into my skin and eat it as you get a behind the scenes look at me enjoying sitting and playing in cum