Dr Naughty in Semen Analysis


Dirty Hot Wife

Greek / Canada
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Dirty Hot Wife Sep 10 2016

From a recent purchase for a client  - 

Thank you for recommending the Dr Naughty in Semen clip. It was incredible!! You know,  the close up is what did it for me. You have the most dreamy eyes...and seeing that very big/hot load in your mouth along with the facial expressions as you swallowed. Outstanding!  I wish more scenes like that one or one where you are laying on your back with a huge load in your mouth... Well, all for now.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Dirty Hot Wife Jul 29 2016

The custom looks very good! The "pacing" and tone of voice were well done. I appreciate you getting and using the coat, as well as your time and effort filming. I would be interested in ordering another custom in the future. Thanks, again. 


In this Custom Clip- Naughty Christine becomes Dr Naughty ....In the awesome performance by Christine she is a Dr. and her duty is do perform a Sperm and Semen Analysis on you males.....She begins in her office and answers a call from a young male inquiring about the procedure that takes place. She takes her time and explains about how she goes about this and explains how she goes about testing semen and tell the client that she makes the young male comfortable and relaxed. That she would be touching, stroking, licking and sucking the Penis until he ejaculated in her mouth ...Using her skills she can then give the Analysis of how is smells and tastes . She would then by doing so be able to tell the young male if his sperm and semen needs improvement or say he is fine and there is no problems with his juice. ...After the call the receptionist calls and informs Dr Naughty that her next client a Young Male is here for his appointment ....She instructs her to take him to the cubical and have him relax until she arrives....The Doctor arrives and she goes to work making him comfortable ...assuring him this process in normal and she has done this many times...She explains the process and after he is relaxed she goes to work .. She examines his testicles and his penis ..she also takes notes on the patient ...she goes back and forth ..examining - note taking ..preparing him to so he will be comfortable enough to cum in her mouth so she can share the results with him ....She knows and explains to him that young males have a tendency of ejaculating to quickly and Dr Naughty does not let this happen with this client ....Wit her Tease and Denial technique ....the young male gets very erect and eventually shoots his huge load in Dr Naughty's mouth.....She opens her mouth so the young male can she what she is doing ...Savoring his semen in her mouth ......she takes her time before she swallows the semen ...She then gives the young male her first results explaining what she has found ....However before he leaves ...she checks him out again ...measuring his cock and checking his testicles ...Happy with her results they finish up their appointment and she tells him to get dressed and continue with his day and she will call with the final result.....This is a very good clip ...with excellent monologue. Christine's performance is amazing and well done in every respect....This entire clip is POV with Dr Naughty doing all the talking .....Money well pent on clip ...Enjoy