Monica Jade Strict Hogtie

3:42 min - Aug 28 - .WMV - 164.90 MB


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Monica Jade is just about as tough as they come and we are going to put her to the test in this absolutely nasty hogtie. First we put her in an extra tight crotch rope before lashing her legs together above and below the knees and at the ankles. She is now completely immobilized below the waist. We don't hold back above her waist either. We wrap her elbows in rope slamming them together before running the lines up to her shoulders pulling her arms back and pushing her breasts out. Then we tie her wrists to her waist holding her in a nasty position. She is now 100% helpless. We let her squirm on the bed for a little, but she can hardly move. So we finish the tie off by pulling her legs up as far as she can stand. This is not bondage for the faint of heart. Lets hear it for Monica Jade and her astonishing endurance giving us this amazing scene!