Monica Jade Clothes Cutting

6:58 min - Sep 02 - .WMV - 310.08 MB


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Welcome Monica Jade to HardBoundGirls! This drop dead gorgeous girl comes to us ready to be bound and we do not waste any time getting her rigged up. We tie her arms above her head on the luggage cart before securing her elbows down holding her completely immobile. Then we spread her legs and secure them to the bars of the cart holding her complete still and exposed to our whims. Next we strap on our nastiest gag, the kong gag. She starts drooling instantly getting her shirt all wet. Well we decide to solve that problem by zooming in and splitting her shirt down the front exposing her perfect perky tits. A few snips later and she is completely topless unable to cover herself. Next victim of the scissors is the skirt she has on leaving her in just her panties and a ball gag. We watch her squirm and drool before finally cutting off the last bit of her clothes leaving her completely nude and spread for our eyes. A nice slow pan down her amazing body completes this clip. Don't miss Monica Jade being stripped for your pleasure!