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Taylor Bell Bikini Challenge

9:16 min - Jul 29 2016 - .WMV - 411.97 MB


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A big welcome to first timer Taylor Bell! And when we say first timer, we are not kidding. This 18 year old has never been been shot nude before, never been tied up before, and does not even own a vibrator. In this clip we are going to solve all three of those things at once. First we put her in a hood so she cant see what we are going to do to her, and then we put her on her knees tied in a full spread. She is in a skimpy little side tie bikini which gives us a great look at her. Taylor is just about the definition of body perfection with the most amazing breasts. Unfortunately she does not want to show them off! So we offer her the chance to keep her top on. Taylor has never used a vibrator before. We ask her about that and she admits she has always just been a "hands on" girl. So when we break out the Eroscillator it is a completely new experience for her. We start gently teasing her clit through her swimsuit just to give her an idea of what she is in for. You can see her breathing slowly picking up as we stimulate her. Now to make things interesting. We untie her top and let her hold it up with her teeth. If she can hold on, she can keep her top on. We keep teasing her, but she is determined to hold on tight. Good news for us, she never said anything about her bikini bottoms. We untie those and start pressing the vibrator straight into her clit. She does not last long after that. When she cums, there is no chance she can hold on and we finally get the view we have been looking for. One more string, and this stunning 18 year old is spread completely bare for us. Now we can see just how many orgasms we can get out of her! Do not miss this stunning girls first time tied, first time vibrated, first time nude, and first time cumming on camera!