2nd in a row big load spraying

17:16 min - Jul 29 - .MP4 - 882.94 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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...w/ embarrassing orgasm faces The last clip was right before sunrise where I sprayed a big load, so, what do you when a couple hours have passed? :D You make it spray again! Surely those nuts are full again... :D And this definitely was not a modest load, there were some 7-8-9 bigger and smaller squirts! This time in slo-mo replay I decided to zoom in (in the clip itself, in normal speed it is shown in full frame). And I love how it turned out. You can clearly see the sperm squirting out of the spritzkanal! Something a bit creepy - the first shot (the one shown in the gif preview) can actually be heard! I mean the moment it shoots not the splattering of the sperm on near-by object or the floor but its squirting up...! Depending how you look at it... There could be a "corruption transformation? (or should it be called "mind reduction"?) Look how wholesome this tranny is! It's well fed and hydrated, you feed it pork and white fish fillets, such a wholesome tranny and that food and keeping it hydrated has an effect on it's balls (if you know what I mean :D) You stimulate its sexual organ and its mind is reduced to one thing - it wants to SPRAY ITS SEED! In the intense orgasm it's reduced to a drooling retard! As its sexual organ squirts sperm...