Richard Sutherland Fucks Annie Video 1



American / Los Angeles, CA
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Richard and Annie have VERY good sexual chemistry. VERRRRYYY good sexual chemistry. Come to think of it, they have very good everything! Richard with his striking good looks, his chiseled jaw, his muscles upon muscles, his superb head of hair. Annie with her perfectly innocent face. Her hourglass figure. Her apple bottom. Her tight waist. Her large, supple breasts ( I stole the supple breasts description from the movie Cruel Intentions. I love that movie) Not to mention the fact that she's a squirter. But we'll get into that later. Let's see. How do I describe this video? Intense! Rough! Hot! Wet! First Annie sucks on and deepthroats Richards giant cock like there is no tomorrow. Then Richard proceeds to pound fuck Annie's pussy hard like a machine. These two know each other's bodies so well. It's so much fun to watch them. My personal favorite is when....well....if you go to around 10 minutes and 12 seconds into the video, watch as Richard relentlessly plows Annie's pussy fast and hard until she cums and squirts out this giant stream that goes flying! This video is super hot! The length of the video is about 12 minutes. I added the footage from my iphone to the end. It's pretty much the same as far as angles go (full body side angle), but I had the footage so I added so you can decide which you prefer to watch. Enjoy! :)