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Laura Seacord 18yo Bathroom Fuck Swallow

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Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
1,094 5.0
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wvguy16 - Top reviewer Aug 18 2016
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awesome video

Brandon Iron Aug 18 2016

Thanks for posting a review, wvguy16!  I appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Brandon (V))

peecee2 - Top reviewer Apr 5 2017
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Satisfyingly depraved -- that sideways shot being ground into the bathroom floor is a winner because of how enthusiastic Laura is.

Brandon Iron Apr 5 2017

You have a keen eye, peecee2!  I promise you that this was a well-used office bathroom and it was after hours.  It was not the only time I've fucked in a public bathroom, but it was the most memorable.  :)

Sweatyflowercolor - Top reviewer Jul 31 2016
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Hot 18yr old with probably more sexperience under her belt than most of us. Hope to see more of Laura.

Brandon Iron Jul 31 2016

Thanks for the feedback, Sweatyflowercolor!  I appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoyed Laura's vid.
Brandon (V))

Casting video of LAURA SEACORD: She's 18 years old. Shot her in the office bathroom. A friend of hers who had sucked my cock referred her to me. Did the cash I slipped into her hand make it tawdry and cheap? I certainly hope so. Female pimps are few and far between. It was late at night and everyone else had gone home. Took off her clothes and walked her to the bathroom wearing only her orange bootyshort panties. She thinks 18 year olds are getting "better and better" as we get on in the years. Red pedicured toes. I ask her if she's heard the expression, "Youth is wasted on the young." She wholeheartedly agrees. She likes older men in bed, she says, and appreciates their experience. I bite my tongue to learn that she considers an older man between "25 and 30." I inform her that I'm older than that and she replies, "That's OK!" Insane story about wandering outside her house one night. A 49 year old gangster invited her into his home and they "enjoyed themselves." Lost her virginity at age 11 to a 27 year old man she met at Carpinteria beach. She wanted to get tipsy. He had vodka. They fucked in a beach bathroom. Poses doggystyle on the counter. Cute asshole. Drops to her knees and sucks my cock. She obeys my command to put her hands behind her back and open her eyes to me. Game on! I hold her hair in a ponytail and start fucking her face. I have her full and complete attention. Things get upgraded to pumping her pussy instead of her mouth. I have to admit I'm part grossed out and part turned on by the way she puts her cheek to the bathroom floor a few feet away from the stalls. POV doggy fuck. Pussy farts as I thrust deeper. Took a break to check in with her. She was enjoying it, so I kept fucking her and slipped my thumb in her butthole. It was really, REALLY tight. Like wearing a ring that's too small and can't remove. She asked for something for her knees, so I slip a sock under each and go to town. "Cum in my mouth" echoes off the walls. Same for a hard slap to her arched ass. I bring my cock to her mouth to suck and she starts begging for cum. "Please....please cum in my mouth" as she sucks my balls. One rope of cum is shot under her right nostril and eerily resembles a booger. The rest goes on her tongue. She finger feeds the spillage into her mouth and swallows everything. The involuntary wretch of her body tells me that her education is just beginning. I tell her she's "the best" and don't add another word.