Gmoras Completely Helpless

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My friends Specific Kink and Gmoras came down to Florida to do some custom shoots at the studio and I hung out for the day and watched. Gmoras got tied extremely brutally by my pal Les at BrendasBound dot com about 6 times in a row with very few breaks. It was extremely hot, like 95 degrees in there. All I can say is, she is TOUGH. After all was said and done, I went out to dinner with them to talk about the day of shooting and to unwind and then got offered to come back to their hotel and make Gmoras into a Living Doll. She still had some fight in her even after the whole day of work, and I wasnt backing down.. So I stopped and grabbed my camera and a dark red colored zentai suit, and the rest.. Is history.. I wanted to live up to the standards of the ties of the day, so I roped her in an extremely tight back arch over-head hogtie, and then tensioned her down at 7 anchor points to the bed frame in the hide-a-bed. When the smoke cleared, she COULD NOT MOVE. She could wiggle her ass a tiny bit, but that was it. I gave her some nice spanks on her shiny spandex ass, let her enjoy the crotchrope for a while, then went home with some great footage and good memories. Gmoras is available for custom video work. Shoot me an email to order yours today.(clip is 25:08 in duration)To enjoy all my video's for one low price check out ShinyBound dot com today.Brought to you by ShinyBound Productions