Afternoon Cocoon Talia Satania Nicki S


The Lust Garden

American / USA
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Nicki has been curious about trying mummification and decides Talia would be the perfect domme to wrap her. Talia, dressed in her latex lingerie and high heels, starts at Nicki's wrists, binding them together with cling wrap. Talia wraps Nicki's hands around her Hitachi, and begins binding her chest and arms. Nicki starts to sweat, and loves the way the cling wrap sticks to her skin. Talia continues wrapping her body, moving down to her belly and trapping the Hitachi under the bind. Talia wraps her tight until she is completely entombed. Nicki can't move or escape no matter how hard she tries. Talia teases her with her fingers across the shiny material, her nails scraping the noisy wrap. She tells Nicki to turn on the Hitachi and masturbate, and Nicki, not seeing any other option than to behave for her domme, complies. Nicki comes twice beneath the wrap, her body compressed and hot. Talia cuts her out of the wrap and frees her from her cocoon. 18:08 HD.