Pay my Bills

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It's payday so it's the day you send over cash for my bills. I shouldn't have to pay a single thing in life nor lift a finger. I was born a Princess and that is the life I deservedly live. How can you resist paying me? How can you not give in to my killer curves, my juicy ass sends you over the edge and you just have to pay. Feeding my greedy, luxurious lifestyle is a job you fulfil and try your damn hardest to excel at. Dressed ready to hit the town you will spend the evening at home alone. Not only my main utilities will be funded by yourself but also my beauty treatments, designer shopping, partying and of course my exotic holidays. You know it's only what I deserve and you will pay like the true pig you are. My beauty totally overpowers you and I want your money right now. Your duty is to ensure my life is kept at the highest level. My wants outweigh everything in your world. So follow my orders, get to that tribute button and start paying my bills bitch.