The Cave Of Sins

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wateva12 Sep 11 2016
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This video was a pleasant surprise and went in a little bit of a different direction from her other videos. First of all the red lighting made it really sexy and mysterious, giving the "Cave of Sins" some real haunted feel. The different shots and the different toys she uses really made this video stand out. Hope to see more videos like this to come

With her thirst to satisfy her anal appetite and curiosity for new places to get away to play, Ashley comes across an article online- The Myth Of The Cave Of Sins. A supposedly haunted cave with a high concentration of sexual energy. This ancient place had been deemed evil, with the power to corrupt the most innocent of minds and the potential to make even the most pure to do un-holy things. Ashley travels there, gets out her blanket and toys, and is soon possessed by something that takes her to new heights of pleasure! *intro and outro contain music; the rest of the video is original audio **music credits go to Deftones - Beware