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Tony Porno

American / Thailand
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If you’re a frequent visitor to Creampie Thais, then you’ll surely remember this beauty. Her name is Joon and this is her 2nd appearance for CreampieThais. When you typically see someone you remember the common phrase is: “hey that face looks familiar!” In Thailand however, the words are usually: “hey that pussy looks familiar!” That’s exactly what was uttered when I saw Joon bouncing her sweet brown ass on stage at a new go-go. It took me only a few seconds to realize I wanted to Creampie that shaved Asian pussy once more, so I paid the barfine and off we went! It would have been easy to shoot my load down her throat but my jizz has one destination..Joon’s wet fertile pussy! After a proper reaming with my ram rod, Joon received a special “welcome back” creampie, courtesy of Creampie Thais!