Freebie Tuesday

Addiction is a Bitch

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It's a bitch and it bites you on the bum regularly. Oh how did you end up so deep within Femdom. You really didn't see your obsession coming did you but then I suppose you didn't think on your curious internet surfing that you would come across someone like me. Instantly weakened it didn't surprise me just how desperate you were for my attention. I am perfection in it's finest a true Goddess and like nothing you have ever seen before. Your addiction spiralled out of control pretty quickly. Your love for me escalated rapidly and you have never looked back. Oh how you drool over my hot body, hang on my every word and dream about me 24/7. What a dull, mundane, extremely boring life you had before discovering me. I give you life, I give you meaning and your dick has never been so hard. Your addiction has you in its grasp and you aren't interested in struggling free. You enjoy your place, you love this life and you have me to thank...