Freebie Tuesday

Groovy behind the scenes of surreal sex!


Brock Doom

American / West Hollywood, CA
5:50 min - Jul 29 - .MOV - 761.87 MB


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OH, AND CHECK OUT MY ORANGE MOOSEHEAD SOCKS! THIS IS ONE FUN AND TRIPPY BTS CLIP! Yes, I've Lots voyeuristic footage, cute on-set dialogue, some real fucking, sucking, fingering, and sexy playing around in this awesomely surreal and hot behind-the-scenes clip of super cute porn goddess and dear friend of mine, Jay Taylor, kicking back between takes, and then going at it with me, as I lick her pussy, finger her, and provide my stunt cock for some fucking and sucking activity. The best part is when we're both having casual laughs and technical/professional porno talk while the photographer shoots stills of us, and the video cameras are rolling, capturing it all just for you. A really awesome scene that has to be seen to be believed! And you'll love stroking to the beauty of bespectacled babe, Jay Taylor, as she shines like a true start in this awesome bit of BTS fun.