Findom Junkie

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You really cannot help yourself can you. At just one thought of me you are reaching for you credit card, you know I will take it all and that's exactly what you want. You are so lucky to have the privilege to spend on me and it feels good to know your addiction will never end. In fact, each time you see me it fuels your obsession and it grows and grows. I drain you with my curves, when I push my cleavage together it makes you tremble with excitement and you want to give it all over to me. Depriving you of all your cash is just so easy, totally weak and powerless to me you just do as I please. I want your money and you can't help but pay. You spend every last penny then are wracked with guilt but do it over and over again. This vicious financial slavery cycle has you by the balls and there is nothing you can do about it. Bingeing all your hard earned cash is your excitement, your thrill and what get's you hard. You want that feeling over and over again and I am just your d.r.u.g. The kick you feel from spending on me feels out of this world. To look at your broken balance makes you want to explode and that is why you truly are a Findom Junkie. Just keep paying over and over again.