Trip Six Vacation Getaway

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peecee2 - Top reviewer Sep 18 2016
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Novel and impressive!

First of all, this video is REAL. It was not staged or faked in any capacity. We really did this.....Trip Six and I came up with a "Great Idea".. Lets spend our last weekend together in Hawaii in a nice hotel making bondage videos and fucking.. AND, lets tie her up abduction style and gag her, put her in a suitcase, load her into the car, and unpack her in the room to start it off right.. Seemed like a lot of fun, right?.. Poor Trip Six is a trooper is all I can say.. After spending a bumpy car ride in fully hogtied, gagged, and blindfolded.. AND in a suitcase in the trunk of her car.. We got to the hotel. I did leave the suitcase unzipped along the top for the ride so she could breathe, but it was HOT as fuck in there. Then, we find out that were on the 3rd floor of the hotel and theres no elevator.. I had to drag her up 6 flights of carpeted stairs to get to our floor, in public, with hotel employees trying to grab the other end and help me up... IT WAS INSANE to say the least... haha. I finally get her up to our room and open up her suitcase. She is COVERED in sweat. I get her feet untied and get on her feet and end the ordeal, and proceeded to have a great weekend in the room.. She almost sweated herself into dehydration, and I almost broke my back carrying her... But now that its over, we can look back and laugh. Haha. Hope you enjoy it. Were never doing that again.Trip Six is available for custom video work. Shoot me an email to order yours today.(clip is 11:15 in duration)To enjoy all my video's for one low price check out ShinyBound dot com today.Brought to you by ShinyBound Productions