Poolside Summertime Two-Girl Fellatio

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It’s the time of the season where everyone’s looking to take a dip in a pool to cool down from the summer heat waves. Lucky enough, you and a few of your friends pitched in to rent an awesome mansion for the month as a get away, that holds within it the pool deck of a life time. Looking as if it were just ripped from an episode of MTV cribs, you and your friends take the opportunity of your surroundings and celebrate with some sun screen & booze. After two of your girlfriend’s down a few wine coolers themselves, things seem to take an unexpected turn when they get you in the pool, and decide to corner you by the stairs. With the rest of your gang heading in to check in the rest of what the mansion has to offer, you’re left with your friends Vicky & Raquel who seem like they’re very eager to start off their summer with a bang…