Trip Six Spread and Vibed Pt 1

17:43 min - Jul 30 - .MP4 - 541.31 MB


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I had a custom video order come in for Trip Six. The premise was to be her tied in a super tight spread eagle on the bed in her outfit from the clip "Dominated in Red", and then to play with her pump gag. I was shooting the custom and had all the footage I needed, but then I decided to keep her tied and start playing with her in other ways.. So here it is. Trip Six spread out in an intensely tight spread eagle with a cushion under her lower back to increase the strain, a mouthfilling pump gag doing its job and keeping her screams muffled... as I take a huge orgasm from her with my Hitachi vibrator. Trip Six is available for custom video work. Shoot me an email to order yours today.(clip is 17:43 in duration)To enjoy all my video's for one low price check out ShinyBound dot com today.Brought to you by ShinyBound Productions