Freebie Tuesday

I orally satisfy BF and swallow his load


Tony Porno

Thai / Thailand
8:35 min - Jul 31 - .MP4 - 146.14 MB


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Aww how cute I am in my little pajammies only I'm not quite ready for bed. I was feeling so playful instead of tired, so I told Tony I needed some warm spermy milk to put me down. I will always go for a midnight snack, and a hearty protein shake sounded really good right about then. I licked up and down his blender and turned it from blend to liquefy. I love taking that nut-sack in my mouth and licking every part of it. Sucking his balls in to my mouth and fondling them with my tongue, mom I know he likes that right there. I was really into it, loving; it, working real hard for that bust. It got so turned on; I was sucking it like a candy lover eating a blow-pop. I love hearing a man moan and groan out of pleasure, knowing he's about to give me a warm, white refill. I face fucked him until he fed me a big juicy load. I had to show off what a creamy shake I had made. Mmm-mmm good, protein is good for the body, so I savored the milky mess and swallowed every last drop! Now I was ready for sleepy time. I think I could go for a midnight snack every single night!