My boyfriend fucks me after school


Tony Porno

American / Thailand
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I like the boys at school to know I'm a little naughty so I wore these tiny, tight little skorts and shirt. When I got I was still feeling energetic, so I put on these flashy boots and was dancing around the house when Tony came over and caught me at the right time. No one was home so I wanted to get dirty in my living room while I had the opportunity to. I stripped down to just my sassy little boots and shook my ass around. I convinced him we had enough time before the family came home. He got naked with me and I had to suck him off, I had been at school all day and I missed his sausage. I got excited when he got hard and jumped on all fours on my couch eagerly waiting to get pounded from behind. I was a little nervous about people stopping by, but I soon forgot, getting rammed feels so damn good. It felt so good I couldn't take it so I hopped on his lap and fucked him till my legs were tired, but I wasn't done yet. I laid down and we humped and humped, I love it doggy so he flipped me over again and gave it to me. Right when he was going to blow I flipped over again to take his warm load in my mouth. The next day in the family room I chuckled to myself as I saw everyone sitting on the couch I had just gotten fucked on.