My boyfriend cums inside me on a balcony


Tony Porno

Thai / Thailand
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Here I am in Hollywood, Florida, out on the balcony of the room, where all you could see is the Atlantic for endless days. It was so breathtaking I had to share the moment ... and I couldn't think of a better way grabbing something hard! Luckily, I found someone who was willing to oblige me and give me some cock! We got down and busy right there, careless of who might see. I went down on him and got him nice and rock hard for me so I could sit on his lap. After I got him hard and slimy I hopped on his erect meat, I bounced and bounced until I couldn't take and I had to have it doggy. He got up, turned me around and bent me over and started pounding my beaver from behind. The breeze was cool, and felt so good on my skin as I got sweatier. He thrusted in and out of me, the tip of his head hitting my g-spot every time. I whined and groaned in pleasure as he hit that spot and I came all over the base of his shaft. I told him I wanted him to bust inside me and fill me up with his warm cum. Oh yeah, "here it comes" he said, and I felt it shoot into my flesh and ooze out of my lips. Goddamn, just look at that creamy pie.