Freebie Tuesday

Fantasy cosplay as I blow my boyfriend


Tony Porno

Thai / Thailand
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Happy Halloween everybody! There isn't a Halloween I've missed, I swear I will always dress up and trick or treat every year till I'm an old bag! So this year I was shopping at the adult store when I came across this adorable bee costume! It looked so cute on the model in the picture I had to get it to wear for you! I have always wanted a costume with wings, and these wings are so damn cute! I got dressed up in my bumble bee costume and started buzzing around the garden looking for the perfect flower. I needed the perfect sweet nectar and pollen to go and make my honey with! Ahhh, this big beautiful rose looks just right! So I landed on my perfect, pink pick, and dove into the leaflets to suck out the sweet nectar! Mmmm, this was the perfect flower alright. ;) I wrapped my little bee lips around the stipules and began working to suck out the nectar I needed. I worked my way down around his petiole, licking and sucking, wrapping my "legs" around it and jerking it up and down and around. When I finally felt a surge of nectar erupting in my mouth, it was so sweet I couldn't help but swallow it all down! Bzzzzzzzz