My BF visits a bong shop and gets laid


Tony Porno

Thai / Thailand
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greatguyam Jul 31 2016

Omg gorgeous, Amazing ass.  Definitely post more vids and let me know when you do :)

greatguyam Jul 31 2016

Just realized that is not you in the vid.  What is your friends name?  Is she on here?  Link me please.  Great ass.

You couldn't invest in anything better than your own personal sex slave, don't you think? For some reason, my friend was feeling stressed. So I recommended he go to my friends old, hippie head-shop. They have everything from incense and waterpipes, to books and candles. Aromatherapy, beaverbongs, beads, tapestries, you know, the whole relaxing hippie experience! Knowing he was going to stop there and try to find something nice to help him relax, I thought what a better thing to give him than me... almost naked! So I shoved my self in a bag, and told my friend when he came in to sell him me, and make me expensive... I'm worth it! So she told him about this outrageous gift, but not what was inside of it, but guaranteed no disappointments! He went for it! I had to try to keep quiet while he brought his new Hippiesack home! Curious as all hell as to what could be in this giant 105 lb burlap sack, he brought me right inside and threw me on his bed. Great place to open it too, because that is where I thought he could best be relaxed! I think he was quite surprised. I was there to do whatever it took to make him feel less tense. I was half naked and had wearing green, so I think he knew that I intended on easing his load. By the fat load he left all over my ass, I'm sure you can tell he lightened his burden a little!