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Emmas Secret Life

American / United States
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I have you tied down because I caught you masturbating again. Its pretty bad that I have to bound your hands together to make sure you don't touch yourself. Ive told you before, your cock is mine and you can't touch it until I give you permission. Now I have to punish you! I tease you with my pack of Marlboro cigarettes then light up. I know you hate cigarette smoke but I blow it in your face and tell you to deeply inhale it. Thats right, be a good little slave boy and blow out my second hand smoke. Mmmm, you look so good covered in your mistresses smoke. I start fingering myself while your already hard cock starts throbbing. Your cock is my plaything so I hop on it while still punishing you, blowing smoke in your face. but you turn your head. You are going to pay for that! Thats right slave, lick the ash off my hand. Its my turn to cum so don't you dare get off until I tell you too. After I get myself off on your cockI demand you to cum and fill my pussy up with your load. Ive had my fun, to bad Im not going to untie you.