6 loads too many for EVA ELLINGTON


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
34:03 min - Jul 31 - .MP4 - 1.90 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Raven-haired EVA ELLINGTON models red and black lingerie. Sheer thigh-high stockings. Finger bangs herself. 5 guys surround her and each one receives individual attention. Cock worship. She takes director Johnny Fender to the bathroom to give him some head, too. Eva fucks some of the guys, too, even though it was just a blowjob booking. Hooray! She begs Johnny to cum in her mouth as she jerks him to completion. Not sure if she was expecting an 8-spurter to be fired into her gob. 2 bitsies "accidentally on purpose" fall out of her mouth and her disgust seems to have been poked with the realisation that billions of sperm cells will be roaming free in her tummy tout de suite. Cum dodger watchers will go on high alert, wondering how this will play out. At 26:03mins she has a tiny, controlled wretch but fights through it. "I want some more fucking cum," she says. Really? Spider senses tingling. Claudio Meloni steps up and unleashes a load so thick it looks like it's soft serve ice cream being dispensed by dick. Her mouth goes from wide open to "baton down the hatches" mode real quick. Marksman #3 steps up and completes his mission with perfect accuracy. Johnny's directions to scoop up the cum on her chin and put it in her mouth are ignored. He insists. She does the air finger, squeegeeing a whole bunch of nothing to nowhere. The 4th guy to cum arcs part of his load over her mouth and she must be freaking out feeling it hit her in tiny, moist bitch slaps. Johnny reassures her that "it's almost over." To me, the look in her eyes resembles a person drowning in a pool of water while you watch from the safe side of the glass. Looks like Eva's in the xxx Shark Tank and the guys smell Type OH NO!. She springs a small mouth leak and pushes more cum out of her mouth. Bitch, that shit's expensive! Her nostrils flare as the next sperm donor beats his meat and takes a bit longer than his friends. Johnny tries to make use of the extra time by telling Eva to scoop the mess into her mouth. Is she breaking? Some part of her brain instructs her to bail when an Exxon Valdez-sized spill occurs at 28:30mins. Like a late-night shopping channel, "But wait....THERE'S MORE!" More gloop penis-pooped into her mouth. There is an unforgivable cut in the action as the last guy takes too long to cum. How much better would this have been to let it play out in real time? The last load was not worth the wait by a long short. More spillage. Eva swallows what's left in her mouth. Johnny informs her she is not done and tells her to start scooping. More faking the funk instead of eating the spunk. Nervous laughter. The standoff peaks and passes. Everyone learned something about themselves that day. The editor includes some chemically-induced extras from the "She is Half My Age" series.