Freebie Tuesday




British / ARIZONA
14:05 min - Jul 31 - .WMV - 848.80 MB


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Goldie rests when you a POV intruder sneaks into her bedroom, Goldie awakes sensing someone there and shouts at you What are you doing in her home?? Suddenly she waves her hands and magics you down to the size of an ant she pick you up between her fingers sating how easy it would be to crush you, she licks you to test you before trapping you in her lace baby-doll as she walks to the bathroom to clean her giantess teeth as you watch horrarfied she may eat you as she puts you on her brush luckily vibrating off into the sink before her mouth..Giantess Goldie pins you back against her giant breast to go get some tea in the kitchen before relaxing in the living-room to play with her new tiny intruder making you worship her huge tits and nipples then down to her cavern pussy and giant clit before smothering you between her massive pussy lips and leaving you stuck there as she goes about her day...