Freebie Tuesday

Daddy Gets Sloppy Seconds


Tammie Madison

American / UK
14:57 min - Aug 06 - .MP4 - 666.16 MB


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I love sneaking my boyfriend in and out of my bedroom when nobody is looking. It feels so naughty fucking him when there's a chance we could be caught by my Dad. In fact, today I was so turned on by the idea of being caught by my Daddy that I didn't even give my boyfriend time to put on a condom. I was just so desperate to feel him inside of me. It was pure ecstasy when he exploded and I felt his cum filling me. I just dozed off in a blissful cumdrunk haze afterwards. Mmm, is that you honey? Come get back into bed with me. Oh my gosh, Daddy! What are you doing here? I thought you were my boyfriend. What did you do with him, Daddy? Where's my boyfriend? Yes, Daddy, you did see exactly what you think you saw. That was his cum you saw dripping out of me. You're little girl is all grown up and having sex now. I didn't feel like using a condom today, so we didn't. No, Daddy, I've not thought about the consequences. Whatever happens happens, right? It's not like you can do anything about it now. Or, maybe you can Daddy. I mean, if I'm going to get pregnant today, maybe it'd be better if I had your cum in me too. Then your sperm could race and beat his, Daddy. If anyone is going to impregnate me, don't you think it should be you Daddy? You've always been the number one man in my life. What do think Daddy? Will you cum in me too?