Teasing You with Your Sisters Panties


Tammie Madison

American / UK
13:42 min - Aug 05 - .MP4 - 806.40 MB


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*This was made as a custom video.* I come home from a night out to find you exactly where I left you. You're tied to my bed with a panty gag in your mouth. This was your punishment for sniffing my panties without permission. I'm wearing a sexy black short dress and carrying a bag. I'm really glad to see you because I need to tell someone about how hot my night out was. Plus, masturbating while thinking about it and having you tied up in front of me makes it that bit better. I then start to show you how I was dancing in the club and tell you how sure I was that everyone could see my panties, but I didn't care. I tell you that I met your sister and we were dancing together with all the guys in the club watching. It made me really horny. As I got more tipsy I let slip that I caught you sniffing my panties and she told me how she knew all about your panty fetish and used to intentionally leave her wet panties out for you to find. You didn't know that she knew. So, I told her that I had you tied up and panty gagged in my flat and I've have been teasing you all day. She found that incredibly hot and soaked her panties just from hearing about it. She then disappeared into the toilets and returned with her panties and told me to tease you with them. As I tell you about my night I strip off my dress and heels. I can't help but smell your sister's delicious scent. I continue sniffing them and dangle them in front of your face before I slide off my own panties to tease you with. I show you just how wet I am and stuff my panties deep in my wet pussy while sniffing your sister's sweet panties. After I cum pull the panties out, sniff both pairs to tease you some more and then drop them on the bed just out of your sniffing range before I leave to take a shower.