Stuck at the Pool - Ivy Davenport - HD

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It's a sunny day, and Ivy waddles to her pool chair to enjoy it. She sits down, and her fat rolls flood it, running over the sides of the plastic chair. She relaxes, letting her hair fall down, and allowing the warm sun to hit her soft body. She notices the tight fit, "I'm gonna have to buy some bigger chairs one of these days. They're not quite big enough anymore." Convinced she still has enough room, she rubs and jiggles her big belly. Remembering that she's forgotten to bring a sodapop out, she goes to stand up, but quickly realizes she's stuck to the chair. "Uh oh." She struggles, shifting her body from side to side to free herself, and gets exhausted from the effort. Desperate to get out, Ivy stands up, but her body is still stuck in the chair! She wiggles, trying to loosen herself, and even attempts to push down the arms of the chair, but nothing works. She falls back down, "I'm too big for this damn chair." Her big belly jiggles as she attempts to push the chair off. Finally able to lodge some of her fat from the chair, she works on getting her big ass out. With enough effort, she is able to slide out of the chair. "Ow, my poor thighs," she says, rubbing her thick legs.