Ruined Orgasm Trick

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When I found out my boyfriend was shamelessly chatting up some annoying little skank on f-book I got a little mad and jealous at first, but after a bit of evil pondering I decided to play a nasty trick on him! I waited until he got home from work, sat him down on a chair and offered to get him off. What can be better than a handjob and blowjob after a hard day's work? Right? But, as you can guess, after quite a bit of rubbing, jerking and sucking, just as the unsuspecting boyfriend was about to cum, I stayed my skillful hand and absolutely ruined his orgasm! He was pretty pissed afterwards but he suddenly became as obedient as a little lamb when I told him why I did it! Mission accomplished! And by the way, do remember to enjoy the slow motion cumshot replay!