Sluts Deserve It JOI



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Everywhere you go you see women tarted up like whores, tempting & teasing your cock - but somehow they get mad when they catch you staring! Society wants you to treat them with respect, to stay monogamous, to be a gentlemen... you work hard, you deserve to take what's rightfully yours. Jackie encourages you to stroke your cock as she paints you a fantasy world where you can do what you really want. You see a hot slut in a short skirt on the train? Bend that slag over and pound her until your balls are drained - she's asking for it isn't she? See a big set of tits out on display in a low cut top? Grab them, have a feel, make her wrap them around your cock and fuck them until you blow in her face! She deserves it, those big tits were made for fucking! Your a MAN and you deserve to cum for these whores.