Plantation Owners Daughter



American / England
15:58 min - Aug 04 - .WMV - 307.46 MB - 720x480


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::This was a custom video for a fan, no names were used:: "I'm a slave working on your father's plantation, you catch me spying on you and invite me in. Use a lot of the n word and "boy", c**n, etc. You invite me in and make me undress. Your dad has made you mad so you want to get back at him by fucking a filthy n***er like me and getting pregnant. Be very dominant and MAKE me cum inside you. Ride me facing the cam, telling me how if I don't do as you say you'll tell your father and he'll whip & hang me. Lots of eye contact and filthy talk please. After watching your "Barbara" videos, I know you'll nail this one. Thanks!"