Wife Makes You Practice Sucking on Her



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Wife Makes You Practice Sucking on Her Strap On For ced Bi Cuckold Role Play Your wife noticed you came to bed very late last night, so she looks through the history on your shared tablet to see what you were up to. She's furious to find you've been watching gay porn, you always portray such a manly exterior, who knew you were a flaming faggot!? You try to deny it, but she isn't having it, she's been unhappy for years in this mar rage and has a confession of her own - she's been fucking black guys behind your back. Now that the cat's out of the bag, she's ready to make you pay for being a closeted queer - she's going to make you suck off her black lovers and be her clean up boy, but you'll need some practice first. She lifts up her flowery dress to reveal her big black cock strap on, down on your knees hubby, time to suck it and live the dream!