3 Facials From When I Was 18

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58,388 5.0
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josieyez Jul 4 2017

So amazing! It's too bad that the video got compressed in upload so it's only 30 fps now, 60 would have been magical!

kinkstersxxx Mar 21 2017

Great vid!

G_S_W_123 Jan 6 2017

Great vid

dpl32000 Dec 19 2016

Great vid! keep up the good work. can't wait to see more of you!

stam0423 Aug 14 2016

i really fuck her

Jelko72 deleted Aug 1 2016

What an amazing video cloe loved every bit of it and slow mo nice

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PikaPika - Top reviewer Jan 22 2017
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Amazing facial she looks so mmmmm cute with all that cum over her face! Luv every second!

3o5denz - Top reviewer Aug 1 2016
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The epitome of greatness right here.. I just love it.

JackOfficer - Top reviewer Apr 20 2017
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Nice. Two nuts up.

stoli19 Aug 22 2016
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Loved every second. You are super cute.

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Oh my she looks so cute with a bunch of cum on her face

Brokelink - Top reviewer Jul 20
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Amazing video ! Thank you

fabi_69 Aug 26 2016
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I have just seen you for the first time now and i already know that i will never stop watching you !
You are such a little beauty i have never seen for a long time !!!
Your videos are impressive !!

mauriciorjbr Aug 25 2016
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This girl is amazing! Cute, nasty and HIGHLY fuckable! How I`d love to be the guy in her movies... she`s just the best!

Victory921 Aug 20 2016
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She's pretty and she takes loads like a champ! Video is exactly as described. 3 loads, all on her face. Very hot.

miguelangelito - Top reviewer Aug 4 2016
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For free this vid is a huge treasure. You can see three complete cumshots and the inocence of Cloe.

Ibanez95 Aug 2 2016
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Cloe, your vids are so sexy! You look so stunning to see you taking those facials so well. I'll always be excited to see more and more videos that you have to offer in the future for purchase. Thanks again!

AndrewCW - Top reviewer Aug 2 2016
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Pretty hot. Love it ;)

oq____69 - Top reviewer Aug 1 2016
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Innocent , beautiful .... A star is Born ;-)

FrosticNight deleted Aug 21
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Cloe loves sucking cock and getting what comes out each time she pleases it. Watch as she takes 3 different cumshots to her face. Spectacular.

coopervelvet - Top reviewer Jun 20
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The girl gets 3 loads of cum plastered on her pretty, barely 18 year-old face, very straight forward and to the point. Very short but for the perfect price of free what is there to complain about? Own it and long to be one of those men who've had the pleasure of drenching her in their semen.

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Three amazing facials on the wonderfully amazing pavlovswhore

Darth_Jackel deleted - Top reviewer Apr 5
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Her expression of gratitude after each facial is awesome.

PatientZ Jan 9 2018
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There’s something special about a girl that giggles to herself after taking a shot to the face. This video is short but sweet and exactly what you’d expect.

tournik deleted Jan 1 2018
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yes the music is errie

Mossynflossy deleted Dec 25 2017
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Great view back in time!

in_Love - Top reviewer Dec 18 2017
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Thanks for sharing

mastermister12 Nov 30 2017
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PavlovsWhore is the best for ever. :) I love her videos, cause she is so pretty and so natural. She is a real girl, and not an actor.

FrenchLickIndiana deleted - Top reviewer Nov 6 2017
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C is fabuLous, gorgeous & so skiLLed at being charming & HOTtt.

Mr_Jackel deleted Oct 28 2017
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So cool to see such a cutie, taking those facials like a champ when she was just starting out. Great compilation of 3 great cum-shots.

trock230 - Top reviewer Oct 6 2017
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Great video for free! Pick it up!

Thorshammer211269 - Top reviewer Sep 5 2017
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If you like an awsome cocksucker and seeing a girl get facials,Cloe is the girl for you.

sparklebomb deleted Aug 22 2017
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your a naughty girl

Shcock6 Aug 20 2017
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It's always fun to watch a sexy woman receive a few loads on her eager young face!

xopolarbear deleted - Top reviewer Jul 15 2017
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Nice video! Great facials and beautiful girl!

abcdefghij2 Jul 4 2017
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free content is even better when its the best girl on the web.
she was pretty then, and she's pretty now. always amazing.

PoppStars Jun 16 2017
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Love girls which like and enjoy to get facials real. To watch u while that is fantastic

lonetech - Top reviewer May 23 2017
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This facial girl wants to show off her skills in BJ.

KeiiRoyal27 - Top reviewer May 17 2017
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I'm sure you love swallowing, you're the best Pav!!

1thepunisher May 4 2017
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Wow she almost looks illegal....so young and taking loads like a champ...wow!!1

bigbuddhabear - Top reviewer Apr 3 2017
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So sexy! Where was she when I was 18?!?

kinkstersxxx Mar 21 2017
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Very hot video. Can't wait to see more.

manxlad deleted Mar 11 2017
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Cloe has to be my favourite girl on MV, so cute and so bad!!

Dashingtea Feb 27 2017
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She's such a perfect little teenage girl! OMG, wished she made more videos before she turned 20 :(, she'll always be my teen queen <3 ;)

PistolBen Feb 17 2017
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I've spent the last few weeks acquiring just about everything that this artist has put up for sale on MV and I intend to review them all. This, however, is the place to start.

She talks in the written narrative about how she lost 50 pounds after this video was made. Indeed, you can put her early videos in chronological order by the shape of her body.

What she didn't cover in her narrative was the change in attitude that this video represents. When you fall in love with Cloe Palmer (and you WILL fall in love with Cloe Palmer), you'll look for her content wherever you can find it. There are tube sites where people have (probably illegally) uploaded CB recordings and they, being without sound, are unsatisfying.

However, dig a little deeper and you'll see that when she was 18 she did at least a couple of scenes for TeenTugs. The video quality is high but her inexperience is on majestic display. She knows what she's doing with a cock in her hands but she doesn't quite know where to look, how to place herself; in short, her inexperience is on display. It's incredibly charming but, as with everyone in the business, it doesn't last long.

That brings us to this video. Here, the video quality declines from “studio lighting” to “reality”. That is NOT a bad thing. Most importantly, though, the attitude has changed. She's not a kid making a few hundred bucks for someone else. She's decided, whether for fun or for money, that SHE is going to be in control of her content. This is a video made by her, for her, even if she has collaborators.

I can't stress this enough in Cloe's early work – we get to see someone growing up and taking charge of the direction of her career and life.

Sure, the content here is grittily impeccable with multiple cumshots on a face you probably already love. But for the true Cloe fan, this is a milestone vid. It's the starting line from which she sprints towards the insanely high-quality, gonzo-hybrid style videos that she is now producing.

Conclusion? If you know Cloe, you've already downloaded this free clip. If you don't know Cloe, get this and ponder it for a while. You'll experience a spark of something special. You may not know what it is, exactly, but you'll realize there's something exceptional about this young woman. Then you'll get another clip, then another, then realize your addiction has fully blossomed.

It's an addiction you won't regret.

angelo64xxx2 Feb 16 2017
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PavlovsWhore looks so delicious

Emmas Ass Whore - Top reviewer Feb 4 2017
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Lol the slow motion was awesome! You were such a wonderful cum lover from so young :P

prassets - Top reviewer Jan 27 2017
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incredibly hot

slayer1091 Jan 27 2017
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Such an amazing video, I'm glad you are able to show off even your most earliest of videos. Can't wait to see more!

Velour_Valnor - Top reviewer Jan 18 2017
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some greats facials, i love them

tman682 - Top reviewer Jan 16 2017
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Great video! Thank you for providing free content!

Felthrup Jan 4 2017
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Super hot, great free teaser.

IslandEj69 Jan 2 2017
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Gorgeous woman who really loves cum. You can see her happiness show after each cumshot, knowing she was able to make her man feel great!

coley3334 deleted Jan 1 2017
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that face just begs for cum amazing

mmathes339 Dec 11 2016
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Cute girl getting facials. Amazing eyes, and a cute smile. :)

Mark Liam
Mark Liam deleted - Top reviewer Dec 3 2016
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Enjoy, all you lovers of facials.

Lightning Rod - Top reviewer Nov 6 2016
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Cloe taking 3 cumshots in 90 seconds all in slow-mo? What more could you want? Well... maybe one of her other vids with orgasms into the double digits, but let's talk about THIS one for now. As always she has a smile on her pretty face the whole time! And as expected each blast isn't a few drops or a dribble. All three times Cloe takes a powerfully delivered full load!!!

silent_v Oct 29 2016
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grrrrr why couldnt i be one of those guys, amazing x

MrWriqht - Top reviewer Oct 24 2016
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Wow! Really hot! Luck guys!

Raighz - Top reviewer Oct 6 2016
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Took it like a champ

xanderb556 Sep 17 2016
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Pavlov's Whore is my new favorite cam girl/porn star! What I would do to be able to be in one of her GangBangs! She's so amazing, and this video was a great peek into her history. Just 18 and already taking cum like a champ :) Love it, love her... keep up the good work!

petersen46 Sep 14 2016
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Great cumshots and the video really shows off how dirty she is! Would have liked dirty talk instead of music but it's still good :)

csslmzigdqvqu Sep 12 2016
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Awesome vid, would love to be one of the guys!

Arikajira - Top reviewer Sep 10 2016
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Great video! well done 5*

anallover123 Sep 9 2016
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Amazing , wish could get her snapchat lol

WaterColors deleted Sep 3 2016
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Can't believe this video is free, it's great!

Uncovered some older footage of mine from when I was barely eighteen years old! Posting these in celebration of my second place position in July for all of my wonderful fans to enjoy - there's something so spectacular about being able to share myself and my experiences with you, who have been so good to me. These are a few of my very first facials, including a couple from my earliest trips to the gloryhole. (You can tell how young I was by the baby weight - I've lost 50 pounds in the last year!) The quality isn't the greatest (mostly from my cell phone), but I hope you all will enjoy these 60FPS slow-motions facials as much as I enjoyed receiving them. Keep your eyes open and expect new exhibitionist facials, bukkake, and gangbang fun within the week! Thank you all for such an incredible month - and more so, for taking part on this journey with me
Double Facial
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