Safe Keeping HD

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My boss needs to sign off on my yoga class diary for next month but he's no where to be seen! I take a seat on his see through chair in his office to wait. This glass chair is really uncomfortable! I shuffle, shift my weight, cross and uncross my legs but something is really itchy under my butt! Scratching doesn't help, so I stand up... to see a tiny bug that looks like my boss! It IS my boss!! He tells me how he thinks he has caught this rare shrinking virus, causing him to shrink down to the size of an ant! I laugh, it sounds crazy, but here he is tiny and scared! He must have screamed like a little girl seeing my ass towering down about to squish him! Although all jokes aside, I cannot leave him here, someone else may flatten him, maybe by accident or maybe on purpose, he is not too popular around here, so I have to figure out just how I can sneak him out unnoticed...