Mina wetting running spandex legwarmers



Canadian / Las Vegas
6:45 min - Aug 02 - .WMV - 213.20 MB


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Little Mina is back in this sexy, holding on purpose video where she teases you in her Victorias Secret PINK panties and very skintight Lululemon running tights spandex pants. She's also wearing thick legwarmers & Adidas tennis shoes as she's holding her VERY bursting bladder. She's dancing around doing her desperate pee pee dance, with knocked knees and hard crotch grabbing. She shows how her bladder is bulging out & describes how badly she needs to pee right now!!! She barely held it for even 4 minutes before she's leaking uncontrollably into her panties & tights... what a HUGE gusher. You can even hear the HISSING as she loses all bladder control & soaks her pants, legwarmers & sneakers with her knees knocked together! What a relief... there's a ridiculous amount of pee all over everything after she's finished wetting herself in sheer embaressment. She peels off her wet pants legwarmers and white pissed in tennis shoes.