Lap dance and virtual fuck

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421 5.0
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wildturky101 May 23 2017
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Whew! This lady is off the charts. I bought three of her videos, and I intended to enjoy all three of them one at a time. As it happened, I barely made it to the end of this one. It begins with a super erotic strip tease. Lacy panties, lacy stockings, sheer lingerie. Her curvy body is unbelievable. She drove me wild with that big, juicy bottom and huge, soft tits. After the strip tease came an intense POV virtual fuck, and I guess I simply wasn't ready for that. She kept bouncing and moaning and begging and before I knew what was happening, I was blasting cum like a howitzer. She left my head spinning!

In this naughty clip I give you a very naughty lap dance , dont you love how big and juicy my bottom and boobs are ? Watch me get naked ! then get ready to fuck my pussy for me , now let me ride you fucking you with my big tits bouncing in your face , then bend me over and fuck me hard like a good girl that i am , now come on top of me and fill me with you cum ! please give me it xx