Welcome home honey

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British / Scotland
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Jakemill208 Aug 30 2016
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Awesome video from start to finish. Highly recommend to everyone because she puts on a good show

Hey baby! its been 6 month since I last seen you , I have missed you so much and I am glad that you are finally back home ! Do you like my outfit ? It shows of my curves doesn't it ?? I know I have put on a lot of weight , I have been comfort eating while you have been away for so long . I hope you like me like this ? I turn around for you showing of my nice big ass ! you are amazed how big it is , looking amazing in my tight jeans , getting on all fours I remove my jeans for you revealing my sexy thong , showing you my bottom for different angles , you love it dont you baby?my nice big bouncy ass , I shall stand for you and remove my thong so you can see me naked! running my hands all over my naked body , my cute round belly that you have never had before , so squishy and big now , Do you love it baby